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Welcome to Periwinkle Technologies

What's SMART about this colposcope?

We use the latest camera technology to give you a close-up view of the cervix.

Since the device is mobile-connected, you can capture as many images as you want, zoom, store, and analyze.

It offers the gynecologist objective data points reducing the chances of error in judgement.

Best part is, you can link follow-up care right through the app!

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What's in it for the patients?

Women dread the Pap test on so many levels!

Not only do they experience discomfort due to the speculum, but they pay high for a test which does not provide a result in the same visit!

The Smart Colposcope offers a pain-less, affordable, and single-visit way to screen.

With this device, no woman will miss out on the chance to defeat cervical cancer in time!

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